Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dyed Fabric

Here are the silk pieces from the cold-bundling dye project. The green printed silk (from a thrift store shirt) is patterned with Black Rice. The red piece, is dried Hibiscus flowers on yellow dyed silk. It was hard to wait a week to untie them! I really thought I would wait longer as suggested by India Flint, but I couldn't stand it and opened them with the idea that it was all an experiment anyway. Right away, I tied up a new bundle of beige silk (another thrift store shirt) with spoonfuls of rice rubberbanded into pods. It wasn't in the jar five minutes when the pods turned purple. I will wait at least a week though to see what happens. I also tied up some fallen Oak Leaves.
Stay tuned!


Filamental said...

You never stop! I love it that you continue to explore anything and everything!
India Flint would love this about you, you are two of a kind.
Thanx for sharing this with us!

Lisa Kerpoe said...

Beautiful! It is hard to leave them alone. But don't wait too long, I had a piece of silk that I left for about three months in the heat last summer and it disintegrated!