Sunday, October 10, 2010

Compost Dyeing

Here is the back of a T-shirt I dyed in the flower bed. I wrapped some spent dye material in the damp shirt, wrapped and tied it with yellow string. Then, I buried it under some leaves for a month. Some of it is very interesting, but I think it would benefit from some over-dyeing.
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Filamental said...

This fabric tells a wonderful story of what you did, or the results, anyway.
I think it is valuable to see the shapes and what can be done.
I really love it just the way it is. Have you seen the Alabama Stitching books? She would love this.

Bonnie McClellan said...

It might be fun to paint on this one with coolaid or draw with fabric markers to emphasize some of the intricate colour changes...

iNdi@na said...

sometimes just a few marks
with space between
say more than a wild riot of colour