Monday, May 16, 2011

A Collaboration

I wanted to make more Felted soap and I thought it might be something fun to do with my Mom. All the information on it says that it is a good project for children, so I thought my 90 year old Mom would enjoy doing it with me. It wasn't a disaster, but it wasn't really worth the effort. She could not wrap her mind around what we were doing. In between each bar of soap, I had to tell her again why we were doing it. She wrapped the plain soap bars in the stocking; she was worried about wasting the suds we were washing away; each time, I had to explain the process again as she didn't remember doing it a few minutes before. I think it was more frustrating and confusing for her then anything else. It made me really sad. Mom and I used to do fun things in the kitchen (besides baking). One time, we had a great time  making cosmetics all afternoon. I miss that. Now she won't remember we made the soaps this morning. When I bring in the dry soap, she will ask, "What are these cute things? What do you do with them? Where did we get them?" She won't remember our collaboration this morning.

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Filamental said...

I am glad you did this together. It is good for you to have these memories even if mom does not.
You deserve so much Sara. You are a very good person and a very good daughter.
Your spirit is as clean as a whistle especially while making the felted soaps.