Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yellow and Blue

I have this large cone of Yellow cotton left over from the days when I used a knitting machine. I have been playing around with dyeing it. Since there is so much of it, I didn't really want to skein the whole thing, so I have been winding off some of it to dye. I dyed a portion of it with t-shirt tye dye stuff (hence the red) but the dye didn't penetrate the cone. Day before yesterday, I decided to soak it in vinegar water and then wrap what was left with a nylon stocking and dip it in the indigo. After it dried, I skeined it off until the blue ran out. Right. It still didn't penetrate the whole mass. I rinsed the part I skeined and I will soak and dye the rest again. Probably about the time I get it all dyed, I will have an urgent need for some yellow cotton yarn!
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