Monday, January 30, 2012


I am not very good at
I am good at making books to journal in, and I always start with good intentions, but I never seen to get very far. But I think I have finally figured out what works for me, thanks to the Duct Tape Journals and moving. First off, the Duct Tape Journals are made from junk mail etc., so it is hard to take them too seriously. Since the pages are removable I am not worried about messing up a page. If I do, I can just replace it. I have at least a dozen of them. And secondly, since I am moving, I am going through all my piles of stuff that I have saved for one reason or another, taking things off of my bulletin boards etc. So, I have just been sticking all that stuff in one or another of my Journals. I am not worried about chronological order; I don't care if there is a recipe next to a picture of a Grandchild; I don't have time to worry about writing anything profound next to a drawing. I always over-explain everything anyway. I have just been having a wonderful time. I suppose I am really making small scrapbooks? I don't actually care what they are called, I am just happy to find a way to use my books and they are fun to "read".

By the way, the one pictured above, is not a duct tape journal, but the heart stamps are in one. That was the other thing I had fun doing this weekend making heart stamps with fun foam. I buy packages of self stick Fun Foam at the dollar store, cut out the shapes and stick them to scraps of foam core.

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Roberta said...

I was never good at journaling either. Until I started writing my blog. My blog appears to be my journal. It might be fun to take all my posts and paste them into a journal with some of my artwork. Hmmmm........
I do so love your duct tape journals.