Monday, April 23, 2012

The Sewing Brick

If you sew, you may have come across a tool called a
Sewing Bird.
A friend had one of these attached to her sewing table.
If you have never seen one, it looks like a
sculpture of a bird with a hinged beak.
 Clamp your fabric in the birds beak if you need an extra hand.
Unfortunately, I don't have one of those, but I do have a
Sewing Brick.
I doubt it has an official name maybe a sewing weight!
I was taught to use one at the clothing design company
 I worked for in the 80's.
 Cover a brick with batting and then a layer of felt.
You can make it fancy if you like, or just pin the thing together.
Set it on your sewing table and pin one end of your work to it.
It is especially useful when sewing hems.
Try it!


Lisa Kerpoe said...

Excellent idea! Thanks for the tip.

karen said...

great your header image too!