Saturday, December 1, 2012

Act Now

"Act Now-- before it is too late" was on an insert in a magazine renewal envelope. I had a lot to say about that along with a good whine about recent trials and tribulations--uselessly spinning yarn, "frogging" knit socks, going round and round with no real purpose. Don't I have GOALS? Anyway, you lucked out. I hit the wrong key and the whole post disappeared. You don't even get to read about how my little dog Tess had a seizure in the middle of the night and threw up on me. Ah well. You are better off with this abbreviated version. Here is a photo of the piece I want be working on. It is pinned to the design board along with a lot of other stuff. It is the one in the middle with my name across it. It will be titled, The Green Hat.


karen said...

oh no...poor dog. Hope she is OK now. I LOVE!!! your new header image, very festive.

Peggy said...

Oh dear. But you made me laugh out loud because I could identify with so much of this! Including the dog but the other end.

I love your house lights, that is just spectacular. Dang!

Look forward to seeing more of the green hat cloth. xoxo