Thursday, August 8, 2013

An Embroidered Box Top and Some Toes

This is a embroidered and padded top I made for a vintage sewing box. It is not very big. The embroidery is 6 x 6 " and it is on a box that is 8.5" square. The padded piece is like a large Bean Bag, embroidered on a felted surface and then padded and backed. The piece is pinned to the top of the original sewing box. I can rest the sewing box in my lap and the padded surface gives me a place to anchor the tip of my needle when embroidering stitches like French Knots. My ugly toes are here because of a discussion about accidentally getting your feet in a photo. I thought I would just do it on purpose! 
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karen said...

well I think your toes are quite lovely!

karen said...

it's very quiet over here.....Hmmmmmmm