Monday, November 11, 2013


On the right is what I bought at the Kid N Ewe show this weekend--another Hokett loom (the large one, I already had the small one) and some tapestry bobbins, also made by Jim Hokett. I noticed not too long ago, that you can now buy his products at The Woolery, but they don't carry everything he makes, so it was fun to visit his booth and see what was new.

Meanwhile, back at the studio, I am working on this tapestry. As usual, it is a design as I go project. I have no idea what will come next. The magenta colored part is supposed to be the hem. I need to remember not to make the "hem" part in a distracting color! Of course I need to remember a lot of things like not winding the warp strings so close together. These are so close I can barely weave . I think close warps are good for making shapes, but not so good for regular weaving. My hands and wrists are getting a work out. 
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deanna7trees said...

such beautiful wooden tools.

karen said...

please don't get RSI.....we need to see your gorgeous embroidery....