Friday, December 20, 2013


I have been having fun making these knitted CUFFS. The ones on the left are from a pattern by Susanna Reese on Ravelry
(if you like, you can read about the pattern and yarn on my Ravelry page "saradise").
I made up the other ones.
Well, that is dumb. What's to make up? It is a tube after all. How hard is that! The geometric color patterns came from Kristin Nichols. This pair also has slits for the thumb. The others do not.
If you are wondering why I used the same colors for these, it is because I bought 6 skeins of nice wool from Tuesday Morning to play around with. I enjoyed the change of pace. Unlike sock knitting, I was using larger needles and wool and these were small enough that I could knit one of the cuffs in an evening. Also, I could make things up as I went along.

These are the cuffs I started with (and a hat). The beige and black cuffs were made from a pair of my knitted socks that accidentally felted up a bit and then the heels and toes kept wearing through because really, they were too small with the felting and so forth. So, I cut them off right at the heel, picked up the stitches and added the garter stitch rolls. The garter stitch rolls, reminded me of my new hat which I knit from a pattern called "Wurm" on Ravelry, and so, I made cuffs to go with the hat. I have an obsession going on here. Last night, I started a red pair with a pattern of colored triangles.

On another subject---I was walking my dog, Tess, this morning when a Doe came walking straight at me. I was getting a little nervous (she was maybe four feet away from me) when Tessie noticed her too and started barking. The Doe walked a few more steps toward me, but then the barking was too scary and she ran off. She probably recognized me as the one that puts out vegetable scraps for them, but none of the deer have ever walked up so close to me, not to mention coming close to a DOG. So a couple of hours pass, and I drive down to the Post Office to get a package. On the way, a deer steps out in the road in front of me and just stands there looking at me. Naturally, I came to a complete stop and we contemplated each other for a bit and then she moved off into the trees. Now I don't want to sound too New Agey or anything, but I am left with the nagging feeling that I was supposed to notice something today. Too weird? Probably making too much of it, right?
Peggy? What do you think?
It reminds me of the butterfly confrontation I had after my daughter Robin died. A butterfly continually flew at my face and when that didn't stop me, it banged into my shoulder. You wouldn't  think a butterfly could "bang" into anything, but this one did.

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deanna7trees said...

love how you converted the socks. and the deer thing...definitely a message there someplace. i bet you'll figure it out sometime soon.
i'd put paper and pencil near my bed if i were you so you could write down your dreams upon waking.

Peggy said...

Sara! I wish I would've seen this sooner but I've been laying low lately. What awesome experiences, yes, yes, there is something there for you. I just looked up Deer medicine (which is considered a great blessing) . . . "knowledge and power gained through silent observation rather than force of presence; refined beauty; keeps one from harm's way through quickness, acute hearing and camouflage."
Love ALL of your knitting, I'm not getting anything done, haven't even gotten close to starting the wurm hat. Happy New Year! xo