Friday, January 10, 2014

Small Patterns

I am continuing to play around with stranded knitting. These patterns are from the Clara Barrows's Mittens in the Nov/Dec 2013 Piecework magazine. And before you marvel at my ability to knit these two pieces so quickly, I must tell you that they are the same piece. I photographed both sides and collaged them together. I have actually knitted this single "tube" as a gauge swatch. The child's mitten pattern calls for size 00 needles and I don't have any. I do have size 0, so I decided to try those. I could see right away, that with the size 0 needles, this would be too big for a child, but I just kept knitting away as it was fun to knit the little patterns and the letters and numbers. I messed up the border of the cuff, but ignore that. Remember, this is a gauge swatch. Last night, I knitted some hearts at the top. So now what? Here are some possible options:

1. Add ribbing to the top edge and use it as a wrist warmer (no, I won't make another to match)
2. Continue on, using it as on-going gauge swatch (as in "The Twisted Sister's Sock Workbook")
3. Close up one end and use it as a bag.
4. Close up both ends, stuff it and use as a pin pillow.
5. Throw it in the basket with other knitted fragments.........
What do you think?


deanna7trees said...

i love it and i'm so obsessed with pouches that i would close one end and make it into a pouch.

silk said...

Hi Sara--This swatch is charming. I would continue on, decrease some stitches (if it's really wide) and create a fingerless glove. Perhaps do the same with the next test swatch. No one said that your gloves must match! Nancy

karen said...

well definitely don't just throw it in a basket!!! I would go for either the wrist warmer option or the pin pillow....and it's beautiful by the way!