Monday, April 28, 2014

Green Basket

I knitted and then felted this basket using a pattern by Cat Bordhi. It has a Mobius handle and the basket and handle are knit all in one piece. I love the size and shape of it. Last night, I knit a red one with stripes. I will wait to felt it though until I have a few more. It felted up easily in the washing machine. I threw in a few tennis balls and some hard rubber dog toys (which needed a good wash anyway) and set the machine for low, hot water and heavy agitation. I added one of the flowers I have been making, but it is just pinned on. I might like one with more contrast and I am thinking about a curly vine as well. I can think of lots of fun decorations for a basket like this, but it was quite attractive on it's own.

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Peggy said...

I love this, it's perfect! xx