Thursday, April 17, 2014

Water For The Elephants (socks)

I finished these socks last Sunday, or rather I finished the second one. I finished the first one in January and then messed around with other projects. The pattern is Water For The Elephants by Rose Hiver. free on Ravelry. They look complicated, but they are actually an easy and fast knit. Honestly, they just flew off the needles.  Part of the reason for that is good prep. I have one of those folding table easels with magnetic strips to hold the pattern and mark your place. I never lost my place (well maybe once or twice) and that saved a lot of time. I like the heel on these socks too. I may have to make another pair in a different color. But there are so many others to try. Maybe the Seahorse ones should be next?

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karen said...

despite the fact that you are trying to make me believe there was no particular skill involved here I don't believe you!! These are are so talented.