Saturday, January 30, 2010


Went back out to the studio yesterday afternoon and helped Steve move more of his things into the space. Since almost everything in his house has to go into the studio for now, I am wondering how much space will be left! Since Steve's Mother died and we moved all her things into Steve's house, we have been calling it Furniture Warehouse. Now that he has sold his house and it is all getting moved into the studio, I suppose that will be furniture warehouse. There should be a small corner left for my easel! Just between you and me, I think Steve is more of a pack rat then I am.

Bonnie sent pictures today of Robin Kay in the new dress I made. Apparently she wasn't sure about all the ruffles until Bonnie assured her that PIRATES wear ruffles!

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Filamental said...

What a gorgeous picture of Bobbie. I love the blueish dress against the terra cotta background. Such a lucky girl to have such a pretty pirate dress.
You are hilarious. I love your stories.