Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Rainy Day

It is another wet rainy day with storms predicted for the afternoon. I am going out to the new studio again this morning to put another coat of paint on one of the door frames (the others are done) and to scrape paint off the window frames. I would also like to paint the wicker chest we are going to use in the bathroom. I cleaned it with tsp yesterday as this piece belonged to Steve's Mom and so was thick with a nicotine haze. However, I want to be home before the storms hit so I will have to go early.

My Mother got up sometime after she had gone to bed and closed the blinds in the kitchen. She has been doing this lately and it drives me crazy. We have never closed those blinds as they face out on the city. Now, everyone goes to bed with the blinds open, but when we get up in the morning, the blinds are closed. It is even stranger that it happened last night because she fell right before supper (no major damage thank goodness) and she was sore. I can't imagine her struggling up from her bed of pain and going out to close the blinds.

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