Monday, March 15, 2010


The newest embroidery, worked on a piece of fabric I dyed and printed in the monoprinting class.


Lisa Kerpoe said...

Sara, its beautiful! So, have you been stitching non-stop since I saw you last? Amazing what one can do with samples from a class!

Filamental said...

Sara, I love this one too. I really love the trees because they are not what I would expect.
I love a surprise! Now, what I really like about this piece is that it is not like a lot of work I see that uses this medium. It is very painterly and the colors are bright and pleasing to my eyes.
Of course, I love the stitching and the colors you chose to use and the sequence of the stitches are like a drumbeat leading my eyes instead of my feet.
What are the shiny circles?

saraz said...

The shiney parts are where I cut through to the magazine page.