Monday, April 26, 2010

Can Can
7 x 8.5
Machine embroidery on monoprinted fabric. I embroidered some shapes in and then took them back out by sewing over with another color. Substraction again. Did it work? I am not sure. Will have to look at it for a while.


Filamental said...

OOOOLaLa Such a french girl.

I think it is very interesting don't you just hate it when people say that. lol.
Seriously, I can't see where you took something out?? The shapes are very active and drive my mind to see the image of can can. I can see where you "painted over" something, though. It does remind me of your paintings with paint. I find that I paint with thread in a more controlled format. I love what you are doing. Keep it up.

Filamental said...

I think you would look better in this dress I see than old old old worn out sweat pants. You make me laugh.

Bonnie said...

What Filamental said is true, in your paintings the opacity of the paint makes the 'painted out' parts completely subtracted. This looks more like ghost images left on transparent layers (hidden by a veil rather than hidden by a wall)...which is also cool. It makes me wonder what it might look like if you did use the stitches in the same way as you might use an eraser in a more directly representational piece? Or perhaps in a way that points up some ambiguity between positive and negative space? Look forward to seeing your explorations in this direction.