Monday, April 26, 2010

Waste Not Want Not

This weekend I got busy and put my winter clothes away in plastic storage tubs and took out the summer clothes. In with the summer clothes, I found a very old pair of light weight sweat pants that I like to wear over my bathing suit going to and from the health club. So, I was pleased to find them and happily put them on this morning. When I did, I noticed that the elastic made a crunching sound and they were very loose, but I ignored that and wore them anyway. When I got out of the car at the club and started across the parking lot, they fell down around my ankles! I don't think anyone noticed. I was relating this adventure to a friend of mine at swimming class and mentioned that I should put new elastic in them or cut them up for rags. Her advice was to put them in the trash can at the club on my way out. They were too old to mess with and if I took them home, they would sit around waiting for me to do something with them. So on the way out, I did stuff them in the trash can. Only now I keep thinking I should go back and get them. I would never do that, but the idea keeps pestering me. I could have fixed them couldn't I? Can you believe that? Waste not want not?


Lisa Kerpoe said...

I know what you mean - I have a closet full of those projects that I'll get to "one day"!

Bonnie said...

It's an interesting question isn't it? Especially now when we live in a time when fabric is so plentiful. I was reading a book about the English working class from 1790-1850 and the author mentioned people writing wills that left as little as a single ball of yarn or a pair of stockings as an inheritance.
Now we live in a world where even the third world often finds our cast-off clothes more of a nuisence than a blessing.