Wednesday, May 26, 2010


6.5 x 12
Machine Embroidery


Bonnie McClellan said...

I like how 'graphic' this one is, then when you enlarge it there is the delicacy of the stitching (even though all of the little stitch lines seem very forceful). Normally I enjoy the kind of misty-shimmery-mysterious quality of the pieces you make that have lots of layers and mixing between layers; but, I find myself very attracted to the straight-forwardness of the lines in this one.

Filamental said...

Remember the Amazon like creature in the collage that I have of yours?
I think this piece is where she lives.
I agree with Bonnie in that this piece is graphic, indeed.
I love how you fixed the overly symmetric problem you described earlier. It is interesting to me to see how you pull this problem solving trick out of you bag and make it work.

Terry McT said...

A wow factor. Very striking. It's a bold step from previous, more atmospheric pieces. A compelling playscape for the eyes. Great shapes. Great color. There's alot of energetic tension between what at first appears solid (shapes), tempered by cool calm tones, and the contrast of intense activity of the stiches as the eye absorbes the detail. I want to know more. Your inspiration and inner intent/message. Care to share?