Friday, June 4, 2010


I've been knitting socks. I thought I would just make a couple of pair for fun, but now I have finished two and a half pair. I am knitting them toe up and I find that much more fun then knitting them from the top down. I had to buy more needles because I like to work on more then one sock at a time. So, at any given time I may have the toe of a blue sock in work, be turning the heel on a red one, and be working the top of a green one. That way I can pick up the one I feel like working on and I don't get bored making the second sock. Of course I have to eventually work the matching sock, but I just do that the same way. Right now, I have the toe of a turquiose sock and the toe of a red sock in work. The red is more fun as the strand changes color more often, but the blue is soft and nice to knit. When I turn the heel on either of those, I will start the toe of the matching black and tan sock. When will it all end?

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Filamental said...

Knitting socks is very addictive. Yours are great. Have you a new disease called ufo? I have a one sock syndrome, do you?