Monday, September 6, 2010


While working on a project this morning, I started thinking about dyeing some embroidery thread. "Why don't I just do it right now?", I thought. So I grabbed some embroidery thread from my stash, in colors I probably won't use and carried them out to the garage. I dunked them into various jars of plant dyes and left them while I made lunch. But when I checked on them, nothing was really happening. (Well, come on. It had only been thirty minutes!) Anxious to see what would happen, I decided to microwave them. I had three small plastic containers I had been saving to dye in and I thought they would be just perfect. I filled the containers with different threads and a couple of tablespoons of dye. I set the timer for two minutes and when it went off, I opened the door to find melted plastic and my threads floating in a pool of dye. What a mess!
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