Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh How I love To Play With Beads

Remember that phrase? It is from Amal and the Night Visitors and is said/sung by one of the three kings. I know just how he feels. I love to play with beads. I have been playing with them for a long time although at my age, I can say that about almost anything! My old studio was next door to the local Bead Lady, a good friend. If I needed some beads, I would just walk next door to her tiny studio and go through all the jars and little drawers . Then, I spent a good amount of time, making and selling polymer clay beads. I still have boxes full of them. And,don't forget paper beads, quilled beads etc. Recently, challenged by filimental (Come Together Over Beads), I have been working on one beaded piece a month. I have to admit, that I got a jump start by immediately doing three pieces! I am working the way Robin Atkins says to work--intuitively. My favorite. I put one bead down and then another and so on. Using this method, I am never bored and usually excited about what I will think to do next. It reminds me of when I was doing needlepoint. I did a lot of that too! But I was bored with the designs and got to where I hardly ever finished anything. Then I decided to try my hand at doing my own designs and did I have fun. I finished every piece because I was having such a good time stitching my own designs and adding or subtracting things as I went. I am having that same good time with the beading. I have my project spread out on a felt covered padded board (thank you Jane Dunnewold). I have every package of beads I think I might use, sorted into a plastic box. I have the beads I am using in little piles on the felt board. The piece itself is in one of those square PVC frames. I hate the needles. I can't seem to thread them! I wonder why. Ha! Anyway, if you like to "play with beads" come along with us. The badge is on the right side of this page and the "page" is at the top, under the spirals. It will be fun. I promise.
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Filamental said...

Super post Sara.
You make even me want to play with beads. Ha.
I have been doing everything but that today.

xoxo Bobbie