Sunday, January 16, 2011

Experimental Squiggles

It is hopelessly wet and grey here and has been for many days. At least it is not too cold and the drizzle has put an end to the Cedar pollen. I have been playing at making Squiggle knit scarfs. I learned it from Filamental at ididntrealeyes (look! I made a link). She always inspires me! So far, my shawls are just experiments with yarns I have on hand. The blue one is novelty yarn and a thin green rayon. I thought the pom pom one would be really cool, but something is not right--the pom poms are too regular, the background yarn to heavy? But here is something fun. I have been trying to think of a way to make curtains for my studio, curtains that I would like anyway. I don't really need them for privacy. So I tried hanging these shawls over a window and they look interesting and different. They are fast and fun to knit. Maybe I could use string and perhaps I could spin something for the nubby yarn. That should be easy for me! ha! 
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Filamental said...

Way to go! I love the pom poms the most! How great would that be? I want curtains like that, too!
Habu has some really cool black and white fuzzy pom poms and that goes with the paper yarn, too. You should take a look.
By the way. . .how DID YOU DO THAT?
I really want to know. Did you spin some into yarn?
The shawl I sent to you is way cool for a light cover if you string it on a circular metal piece. I am thinking about doing that with some of them that I did for myself.
Again, I wish I could spin, too.
I feel left out of all the fun.