Monday, February 14, 2011

Four Silk Scaves and A Shirt

I thought this was a blog about four silk scarves and a shirt?
Well, it is.
All spun and then crocheted into this Pinata Hat
(which is what it reminds me of) 
with wool fiber and some plastic beads which were threaded onto blue nylon thread.
A silk hat for spring
The hat has a sort of 1920's dip on one side
which was a spur of the moment thing,
but makes for a cute fit.
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mindysglass said...

Sara! All your projects and photos are gorgeous. Our cold weather sure spurred your creativity. xxMindy

Sara said...

Love it!! How fun :)

Filamental said...

Way cool! Great idea for spring.
I was wondering what to do when the snow all melts.

Happy Valentine Day!

Bonnie McClellan said...

I love it, very spring colours as well. Did you dye the shirts and scarves or just find the colours you wanted at the second-hand shop?

saraz said...

No scarves or shirts were dyed in the making of this hat.....