Monday, April 11, 2011


Still playing with basket making techniques. I was trying to learn how to do basket "knotting" but I didn't have any waxed linen thread, so I struggled along with Pearl Cotton waxed with a beeswax candle. Not too successful! I may have gotten the hang of it though and this morning, my basket making friend, Jo, brought me a box full of waxed linen thread. So, now I can try it with the right materials. Actually, it is a bit hard to do without a fully functional right wrist, but it is, after all just an experiment.

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Filamental said...

Oh my! Here you go again! Going for the record books? How many things can a person do with a broken wrist and a cast on? You will win.
Very cool basket start. I love love love linen thread to make baskets. So great to carry around anywhere. I do it at the doctors office visits for my mom.
Nice friend to have that brings you supplies!
Been outside gardening. Ready to come in and get busy on beaded pieces. I have no excuse to be so far behind. Whahhhh!
I know, I know, remember the sign in your studio that said, "Don't cry about it baby! Do something?"
I took that motto with me in my life. Thanks to you! It sunk in for you!