Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Kindness Of Nature

This probably doesn't look like much to most of you.
Just some washed out photos of flowers.
But, to me, it is a
We are having a severe drought and I haven't been able to water,
because of my accident.
In fact, I haven't even re-attached the hoses to the faucets.
So I was totally amazed to see that I have flowers!
I thought I would have to replant the flower beds.
I was especially worried about my "Pinky" rose which looked awful during the winter.
But, surprise.
It is covered with blooms. The most I have ever seen.

These plants are still alive!
Pinky Rose
Spanish Lavender
Mexican Sage
Miniature Roses, pink and yellow
Oxeye Daisies

1 comment:

Filamental said...

awwww! How so so wonderful to have a lovely surprise like this. I can really relate. Especially for you.
I guess we ARE counting our blessings today!
xoxo to you Sara!