Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fine 120

Once upon a time, I went to Europe with my daughter Bonnie. We had a wonderful time, but when it was time to come home, we spent several hours waiting around in the airport in Paris. It was there that I ran out of cigarettes and bought a carton of the French ones I had been smoking.  Back at home, when they were all gone, I couldn't bring myself to throw out the carton. It wasn't all that special or anything, it just represented a fun time. It wound up behind the seat in my little pick-up until I traded in my car for another one. Then the box went into a pile of papers in the studio. I almost threw it away a million times. I mean, I am NOT a hoarder! I don't even smoke anymore. But I finally found a use for it. It is my new Duct Tape Notebook, complete with Zebra duct tape.

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Roberta said...

Oh I love that! What a great story to go with it!