Sunday, March 25, 2012

Just A Thought

High Wire Act
8 x 11
Paint on canvas board

Early this morning, I was drinking coffee and flipping through CPS magazine. The article I was reading, included instructions for making a particular type of watercolor card. I immediately wanted to make one. This is a "problem" I have and I wonder if there are others like me.
I am easily inspired!
No agonizing over where the next idea is coming from. All I have to do is see something I like and I want to make one too, but with my own spin on it. People often ask me if there is anything I don't do. Well there are things but really, not all that many. I am happiest when I am learning something new and bored when I am not. I am hardly ever bored. Since I consider ART a place for continual exploration, that works fine for me. I use most of what I learn. One thing leads to another and a hand spun yarn turns up in a collage, paper gets embroidered, paint ends up on fabric. It is just a big, self serve candy store and you browse around putting different things in your bag until you get what you want. The more candies you have in your bag, the better. I have been told I should focus on one thing, but I just can't do it. I tried. Several years ago, I thought I would try making books for six months. Nothing else. Just books. Well OK. I had a good time, I made a lot of books. I explored all the techniques I had been wanting to try. I made some wonderful books, but after a while I wasn't learning anything new to add to the process. The books started to be just variations on a theme. I wasn't through making books, but it was time to learn a new thing that I could bring back to the book making at another time. It is easy to find a new thing to learn. Recently I saw a pattern for an old fashioned tomato pin cushion (Martha Stewart) and I can hardly wait to make one. I have the perfect fabric. I am sure I will find another use for that shape. I bet a tiny one would look good on one of my embroideries. What do you think?


vanilla blue said...

Love the new painting. So full of precarious movement!

woman with wings said...

Sara, I loved reading this, I think because I identify so well with what you wrote! There is never a shortage of things to think about or make or research and there is never enough time, no matter how hard I try to create a sense of expansive t-i-m-e. And your painting is wonderful.

I love the two Robins -- arms spread like little wings. Sweet. xo

Filamental said...

This is so so you! Love it that you are writing and sharing more.