Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tessie Stands Guard

It has been a while since Tessie graced these pages.
She has been busy adjusting to her new environment.
Moving is hard on dogs too.
Here she is in the studio. She doesn't like it here too much
as the windows are high and she can't see out.
She solved this problem by jumping up on a chair and then onto the
sewing machine table.
Of course in the process, a few things would be rearranged,
pincushions and scissors for instance.
She is very careful, but she is not a cat.
She also likes to walk over to the next table which is the ironing table.
That makes me nervous because the iron is usually on.
None of this is a good plan,
 but it is all my fault.
I let her do it for a day or two and now she thinks it is perfectly all right.
When I tell her to get down, she just looks at me (like she is doing here) or
simply pretends not to hear me.
This morning, I moved the chair. 


Lisa Kerpoe said...

I think you need to cut in some windows low to the ground for her!

Roberta said...

Ah dogs, no not a cat. Although my cat is a big klutz!