Thursday, May 31, 2012


Here I am with the same problem I have had before.
 Will I ever learn?
Not long ago, I made a cover for a new journal. You may remember it. It is magenta and aqua. This week, I started making some fabric pages to go in it. I cut all the fabric backgrounds and then started collaging and sewing. As you well know, it is a lot of work. Hours of arranging small pieces of fabric, cutting up others, stamping,  drawing and stitching. I have made four page spreads. The problem is, they don't "go with" the cover! How did that happen? I stuck with a color theme (more or less) and repeated shapes, but when I came into the studio this morning and looked at it again,
 it is just not going to work.
I will have to make a new cover, new pages or probably both! Last time I did this, the cover caused the problem, so come on. Learn something here. Make the pages first and then make the cover.
Next time.

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Filamental said...

Making the same mistake. . .isn't that a definition of ????
I love it that you are so human and share this with us.
You make me laugh, too.
Just think, if you make both you will have two completed pieces done at once. yeah.
xoxo Bobbie