Sunday, August 12, 2012

Beading Hats

I am sort of all over the place here. But then, what else is new. I have been working on my Ledger for Karen Ruane's class for weeks and I still have one lesson I want to complete for the book. I "painted" the cover of the sketchbook/ledger. I think I blogged about that. I fixed my mistake, but it needs something more so I will show you that later. Meanwhile, I went back to working on these Alabama Studio inspired hats. Last weekend, we went to my nephew's wedding in Louisiana. It was a long drive there and back and these hats were a good project for the car since I wasn't driving. I did the applique part, not the beading! Back in the studio, while I am beading, I keep thinking of other things to try, so I jump up and start another project. I found some fabric spray paint while browsing the craft section of a local store and it is the perfect thing for stenciling fabric. So I have been messing with that. Yesterday, I sprayed a design on a recycled T-shirt that will make a scarf. I couldn't wait to see how that was going to look, so as soon as it was dry, I started sewing on that. I haven't decided what I will work on today. It is too hot to be outside and I have already watered the plants.  I think I will get another cup of coffee and get busy on all of the above..........


karen said...

I'm the driver in our house, mostly because I'm a terrible passenger...consequently i can't sew on long are very lucky to create such beauty on the move!!

Bobbie Casey said...

Oh Sara,
So like you to be doing all of this at once. I would like to grab you and sit you down and just talk and talk and drink some really good coffee!
I mean listen and listen.
I know you are thinking of your Mom and consider this a hug from me to you.
So good you are well. You are so far ahead of me on the ledger I will never finish. ha.
Bobbie C.

Peggy said...

I absolutely adore those hats. Are they in one of the books, maybe you already said, I'll go back a ways to look. You are wonder woman with all this activity! xoxo

Sharon Robb-Chism said...

Love the hats. BTW, I was wondering, what is the brand of spray fabric paint you found? Last time I was in Wally World, I didn't see any fabric spray paint. Does it work well?