Friday, August 31, 2012

The Embroidery Frame and the Orange Swim Noodle

What do an Embroidery Frame and an orange Swim Noodle have to do with each other?
Early this morning, I changed this embroidery to a different frame. I like this sort of frame all right, but the bolts and wing nuts that hold the frame together, drive me crazy. They bang against the table every time I move the frame and they will scratch the surface of whatever it rests on including my leg! So I went off to my Water Aerobics class this morning thinking about what I could use to cover those metal bolts. I first concidered small tennis balls ( these don't work--wouldn't stay on). My second choice was a swim "Noodle". These came to mind as there is a rack of them next to the aeorobics pool. "Noodles" are so handy (they are good tools for felting as well). We use these "noodles" in the river all summer long, so we always have a supply in the garage. This was an old one that had seen better days, but it does have a hole in the middle which is what I needed to stick the bolt into. I cut it into slices with a serrated bread knife. It won't last forever, but noodles are easily replaced.

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