Thursday, March 14, 2013

Finished Socks

I can hardly believe it. I finished these socks last night,
then washed and dried them early this morning. Here is something interesting about these socks. The first one I made, (the one with the orange ribbing) I made in the regular way with both yarns in my right hand. The sock with the yellow ribbing. I made holding the yellow yarn in my left hand. The "orange" sock looked smooth and the yellow one bumpy! Is that just because I am not all that adept at holding the yarn in my left hand? Washed, the difference is not too pronounced. I think I read something about this somewhere, but where? Maybe you can tell me and save me the effort of going through a zillion knitting books and articles!
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the wild magnolia said...

came over to visit from Woman With Wings.

great socks.

Bobbie Casey said...

these must be the one or two? socks you were telling about. Wonderful Sara. You are amazing.

karen said...

sorry I can't help with the knitting query but they do look rather lovely!