Saturday, March 23, 2013

More Socks?

Yes, here are more socks. I finished these last night.I don't know why I have re-entered a "knitting" phase.  They are knit from two strands of different wool sock yarns held together. The yarns were in  similar colors so they blended well together. I spun the orange accent yarn with my Rakestraw spinner.

Now here is the thing. I thought these socks would make good "gift" socks, but then I went and made a mistake. On the first sock, I re-enforced the bottom of the heel, but not the back. When knitting the second sock, I forgot about that and re-enforced the bottom and the back of the heel. What a dummy. I guess I will just have to wear them my self (Oh darn) or give them to a good friend who won't care about the different heels.   
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