Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Wildlife Park

I swear I live in a Wildlife Park. I really do. When I went out early this morning, half a dozen White Tail Deer were grazing in the back yard. Doves with bright red feet were calling to each other. Other birds were busy gathering supplies. A Jack Rabbit the size of a small dog, scampered off into the wild flowers. An unusual sound startled me. It sounded something like an abominable Snow Man, but my husband told me later that it was an Elk. A neighboring ranch has a herd. Elsewhere in the area, Axis Deer were feeding. They travel in groups and the babies are carbon copies of the adults. They are a pretty sight as they all have spots and the males have horns that you wouldn't believe. Then there are the small animals that live around here, Armadillos, Raccoons, Possums, Squirrels, Skunks, Grey Foxes, Turtles. I am sure I left some out. What about the Daddy Longleg Spiders pulsing in the corners. Oh and I almost forgot. Once when my husband was jogging on the road, he was surprised to see he was being followed by an Ostrich, matching him stride for stride. So I wouldn't be surprised, no not at all, if I walked out one morning and saw a Giraffe nibbling on the trees. There are some around here. Not in the wild of course, but someone might leave a gate open.
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