Monday, September 30, 2013

Crocheted Beads

Yesterday, I made crocheted beads and/or ball buttons.
I used some cotton crochet thread that I dyed a good while ago in Rit Dye.
They are about an inch in diameter. I will use them for something,
but I don't know what.

I like having a selection of things I have made to use for trim.
Looking around, I see:

a large glass vase full of twisted cords that I made from naturally dyed fabric,
a glass jar of felted shapes made from left over wool roving,
an old velvet watch box full of fabric beads,
a small wooden box full of paper and fabric toggle beads,
a jar of fabric puffs,
a pile of Tassels,
a basket of free-form knitted and crocheted motifs

and that is just what I can see from here! Want to come play?
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deanna7trees said...

i love doing that as's like going shopping at home. i always find something i can use.

Bobbie Casey said...

Remember the bracelet that you crocheted that was turquoise and red with tiny red beads along the edge? Well, I still have it and I still wear it. This post is right down my alley. I love these. I wonder what you will do with them?
Miss you so very much! xoxo

karen said...

this reads like a recipe.....a recipe for a delicious image of your home and yes...I'm on my way.