Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Rainy Day Knitting

It is cloudy and rainy here, making me feel like it is already Fall. That means it is time to finish some knitting projects so I can start new ones. I mean I don't have to wait. I could start something new right now, but things were getting a little out of hand in the knitting basket and I was having trouble sorting out one project from another. First I finished the Log Cabin Washcloths; then the red sock and the pink sock that would finish out the three pair of Fishnet Socks; then the second sock of the Van Gogh socks. After trying to remember where I had stopped knitting, I found my place and reached the final stage of the Red and Cream Garter stitched shawl (only four inches to go). And yes, I did start something else after all, the white Les Miserables scarf. Don't laugh about the holes in the knitting. They are supposed to be there! Once it is knit, it will be felted. To knit this, I am using some Vintage yarn. By that I mean some old yarn I found in my Mom's stuff!  It is Virgin wool yarn and so it should felt (but will it? I should have sampled it) and the felting should take care of any weakness in the old yarn. By that I mean the places where some little insect has eaten through the yarn. Why don't I just throw this yarn away and use some of the other "healthy" yarn that I have by the box full?  I don't know. I think it is because I believe it belonged to my Grandmother--a third generation stash yarn. My Grandmother made gorgeous knitted bed spreads on tiny needles. She certainly didn't knit anything that was distressed before it was even off the needles. I wonder what she would say about this scarf pattern. Did I mention that the red and cream yarn is Vintage too? I bought it in the 70's to use on my knitting machine. Do I ever throw anything away? I will let you know how it all turns out.....
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karen said...

love your knitting laid out like this and the les miserables piece fits that theme so well doesn't it...ragged French people!!