Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October Yarn

Remember that orange and gold wool I dyed this weekend?
If not, you can look up and see it in the "header" photo.
Here you see it spun and plied.
I plied it with a commercial sock yarn that had similar colors.
If the terminology is not familiar, plying is simply twisting yarns together to add stability.
I like it a lot, so yesterday, I dyed some more of the yellow wool and
carded it this morning. I put it through the drum carder several times so,
as you can see, the colors are more blended.
For non-spinners, the carded wool is the fluffy stuff you see in the background.
That "fluff" will magically turn into yarn on the spinning wheel.

I would like to spin it today, but I think a trip to town for new tires is on the agenda.
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Peggy said...

Spinning gold. Gorgeous yarn!