Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Dyeing of the Roving

Yesterday, I finally got around to dyeing this roving.
I have had the acid dye powders (a step up from Kool Aid) for a while
but I felt like I needed an afternoon with no interruptions to actually do the deed.
I had to soak the wool, mix the dyes, paint the wool and then steam it.
The only part I was really concerned about was the steaming.
I was trying hard not to visualize a mat of hot felted wool.
Think only positive thoughts.....
Finding the right pot to steam in was an issue, but I found to my delight
that we had inherited a black speckled canning pot from one of my husbands relatives.
It was hiding in the back corner of the closet in the garage.
I put the rim of a tart pan in the bottom to elevate the rack and
low and behold,
I had the perfect vessel for steaming wool.
And yes, it all came out all right.
The white roving is painted with green, blue and yellow.
The orange and red one was dyed over some gold colored roving.
After it was mostly dry, I hung it over the shower rod for the night and here it is,
Ready to spin.
I can hardly wait.
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deanna7trees said...

beautiful colors. i have some acid dyes from a few years ago that i have yet to use. i also bought some white roving to dye. your post might be the inspiration for me to do it.