Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Little Embroidery and Some Knitting


This is a sample of Sliver piecing. I really didn't like "sliver" piecing. It is just not the thing for me and so I gave the book away, but kept the sample that I made as it was a good surface for some embroidery. This is quite small (about 3"x 5"). Some of the ridges are stuffed with cording and the scrap of text, is from a Fortune cookie.
And for fun, I made these mittens from some left-over yarn. The basic pattern is from Kristin Nicholas, but I ran out of yarn in each color before I reached the top of the mitten. I finished them off in white and I like the effect. I am calling these :



Peggy said...

I lovelovelove those mittens!

karen said...

your white piece is astounding....I may even have dribbled on it, sorry. and I love the way you are mixing up the colours in your gloves and mittens....don't you just love that word? mittens.....