Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fun At The Thrift Store

Caregiving has been so frustrating here, I decided to treat myself to a trip to the thrift store while my Mom was with friends. I found this pink plastic cabinet of drawers, some stuffed animals for my dog, Tess, a red Chinese silk scarf and (can you believe it!) a vintage Madam Alexander doll. She was thrown in the bin with the stuffed animals. All these treasures for $2.00! The baby doll is having a bad hair day, but at least she has a dress.
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Bonnie McClellan said...

Love the colour of the scarf! The baby is adorable; I think she needs a hat.

Filamental said...

Wow, you know I buy my grandaughters Madam Alexander dolls for their birthdays. I used to buy them for Steph when she was a little girl. Do you know what a find that is?? Sure you do.
Lucky you, cool stuff.