Friday, March 4, 2011

Can You Hear me Now?

Here is a quick update on my morning. It is a classic. I went to the Hearing Aid place and picked up Mom's repaired left hearing aid. When I returned, I told her I had it and if she would put the right one in, I would get the left one for her and she would be all set. I went in to check my email and I heard her rummaging around in her room, drawers opening and closing and so on. I finally got up to see what she was doing.
     "I can't find my hearing aid," she said.
Her bed was covered with various purses and wallets that she had removed from her closet.
     "Well, it can't be too far as you were wearing it yesterday," I replied. "No need to look in any purses except the one you were carrying yesterday."  
We both looked for the hearing aid for a little longer. I gave up and went to have lunch, thinking she was right behind me. She wasn't. She was still looking in all sorts of weird places for the errant hearing aid. Meanwhile, I had taken the repaired one in it's little plastic bag, out of my purse and put it on the table. When she finally came to have lunch, she said,
     "How did this hearing aid get in this little plastic bag?"
     "That is the one I picked up this morning. You were looking for the other one," I said slightly exasperated.
     "But the other one is in my ear!"

Can you hear me now?

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Filamental said...

I can not help it, I am laughing and laughing. This sounds like my house and my mom.
We have been looking for hers for a month. I bought her earphones to plug into her tv. She is happy, now. and so am I.
She keeps telling me that something is wrong with my voice. She can not hear me.
I really really hear you!