Saturday, March 26, 2011

High Flyer

High Flyer
4.5 x4.5

This is the beaded piece for March that I was working on when I broke my arm and neck.
I managed to finish it even though left handed beading is very slow.
Unlike the other pieces in this series, this is not an intuitive piece.
I used my photo of a kite caught in a tree, as a starting point.
I like the intuitive pieces better.
This seems too studied.....
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Filamental said...

You ARE quite amazing! I kindo like this piece. It is not like your other pieces, true. But. . .all the same. .
I have no excuse for not having mine finished.

Bonnie McClellan said...

Looks like an angel stuck in a tree to me. It is more orderly than the free form ones but I like the single strand 'branches' and how they contrast with the blue ground (also how they're made with slightly different colours of black)