Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More Things To Do With a Broken Wrist

what was I thinking
my mind must be effected by my accident
I thought I would unravel this old mohair sweater
that is something I could do to pass the time
well, even though this is a commercially made sweater
it is all hand done
each diamond is knit separately
what a nightmare
I have been working for days and
only unraveled
one sleeve! 


Bonnie McClellan said...

Well, you did say that you'll be wearing the cast for the next 4 weeks...I like the green!

Filamental said...

You are way too funny. So. . .what do you plan to make with the yarn?
I like the green, too.
So exactly what is the difference between the brace and the cast?
I mean, can you do more or less?

saraz said...

the splint wrapped around my elbow so i could not move it. now i can move my elbow and my fingers are not so covered up. so yes, i can move more...

karen said...

oh no you broke your wrist!!! I am so sad for you....come over and visit and I will kiss it better!