Friday, August 19, 2011


Here is the string I made from the directions in India Flint's new book, Second Skin. I tried it first with the muslin I had unsuccessfully dyed in the pickled beet juice and then with some commercial batik fabric that I had stripped for Locker Hooking. It took a while to get the hang of it, but it is really easy once you get going, except for the joins. Adding in a new strip will take some practise. I tried some silk too, but I didn't really like how that came out. I will try it again, but for now anyway, I like the cotton better. I found it easier if I kept the fabric pretty wet and rolled the strip against my leg.

My Dad suffered from dementia and was in a care center the last five years of his life. Once when I went to see him, he took some loose threads out of his pocket. He had twisted them together and told me that "these were good for fishing". I thought about him while I was making my string. I think I will make some more. It might be good for fishing.

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Filamental said...

Looks like you are always at a beach by the looks of your banner photo.
Fishing is so relaxing.
Your dad was awesome. I remember you and he showed me around his work-space. Love the string. It would be good for couching.
I love what you are doing.