Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Down By The Riverside

I have been away. Have you forgotten me already?
I went to the Frio River which is true to it's name--very cold.
We usually go in August. The water is colder in September and so our time in the river was shorter, but still worth it. I took some projects with me, but I didn't do any of them. I just soaked in the river, got a little sunburn, ate lots of good food and visited with friends. Oh, and I also started reading a book that I found in the cabin, The Blue Nile by Alan Moorehead.   

What a wonderful book. It is old and falling apart. It looks like it has been in some one's attic. I can't put it down. His descriptions are so good (but not overdone) that you are just there in Egypt or Ethiopia or the Sudan. He has also written The White Nile. That will be next on my list. At any rate, I had a vacation.
I didn't create a thing................


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karen said...

it's lovely that you have had a break. Very relaxing I hope.