Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I have been doing a lot of hand sewing lately and I am totally frustrated by twisting threads. It seems I can only do a stitch or two before I have to stop and untwist the thread. Does that happen to you? I have tried all the usual "fixes" like bees wax, running the thread through my hair (no really. that is supposed to help), letting it hang free to untwist etc. You know the sort of thing. Yesterday, I saw a stray dryer sheet hanging out where it wasn't supposed to be. Hmm. A dryer sheet. Have I read about that? I tried that on the thread and it works great! Well better then anything else I have tried. You might try it if you are having problems with Twisting. 

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karen said...

a dryer sheet? never heard of that one. Are you using stranded cotton? Are you separating the strands before rejoining them?