Saturday, February 20, 2010


" It doesn't make the slightest difference where you begin."
Barbara Sher

I wrote this quote on index cards and posted it all over my room. If I am brushing my teeth, I can look up and see these words. When I am getting dressed, I see the words taped to my mirror. On the way downstairs I see them again close to the door. I want to be reminded that you do not have to begin at the beginning. A week or so ago, I went to the hospital with all of my current projects finished. Not a good idea because when I came home to recover, starting something new seemed too exhausting. I kept thinking about it, but in the end. I would read another book instead. Flipping through the pages of a new book by Sherill Kahn, I found directions for making twisted silk cords. That sounded like fun. I have a stash of silk scarves I buy at thrift stores to use in art projects. I cut several of them into strips, soaked them in water, pinned an end to the ironing board and then started twisting and ironing the strips dry. Very cool! I cut somemore and twisted somemore. I thought of all the things I could use them for and then I thought of an idea for a piece and started working on it. Soon, I was painting, sewing cutting and arranging. I am "beginning".


Filamental said...

Wow, now I get what you are doing!I am going downstairs to the studio and try it. I have a bunch of silk that I dyed for some other stuff and it is just sitting around doing nothing. I think I will give it a spin.
I love the cards. I can just see it. I wonder what your mom thinks when she sees the cards. Now, that is an interesting thought.
So, what is the name of that book?
I am so happy that you are up and about. You never tell me how you are doing whenever I ask.
Very nice photo too.
Also, I like your other thought about doing something positive every day. I remind myself of that, often, when I get stuck and feel down.
The sun is shining here and it is 37 degrees! Hurray the two feet of snow might melt. Jim brought groceries in by pulling the swiming pool down off the top of the mountain. It is all good and the price is worth it, he says.
I took a photo of the river down below us yesterday. I will send it to you, later.
Have a super great day!

Filamental said...

I can not stop laughing! I just went to amazon to see about that author. I already have that book! I guess I need to read it more carefully.
I found an interesting new novel, "The Broken Teaglass", I read one review to see if it is up my alley and I found this quote in a review:

" 'It isn't our most courageous or most cowardly acts that matter most....It's what comes after those moments. It's what we do NEXT that defines us.' "

This reminds me of what we were just talking about and I thought you would like it.

saraz said...

The name of the book that the quote is from is Refuse To Choose. A terrific book that taught me that it is OK to do a variety of things instead of just focusing on one--which is what everyone thinks I should do! let me know how your silk cords come out. I loved making them. Isn't that silly?

saraz said...

Oh and I like that quote. That may have to go on some index cards!