Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Library

When I moved back to Kerrville, the first thing I did was get the address changed on my driver's license so I could get a library card. The library in Kerrville sits on a bluff above the river and is a wonderful place to find books as well as read them. There is a gazebo and benches outside as well as steps down to the river. When the library was first built, it was a marvelous thing. It is decorated with mosaics of scenes and quotes from famous books, has a native plant garden and beautiful big trees. It is old now and needs a lot of work, but it is still my favorite place in Kerrville.


Filamental said...

Now you KNOW I love this story!
Very nice photo, I wish I had one like that, the library too!

saraz said...

That, of course, is the library at night from the parking lot below, looking up. I took it one night after a Camera Club meeting (they are held in the basement of the library. I really like the way the flourescent(sp?) lights look.