Saturday, February 27, 2010

Reach Out

Reach Out
I read an article by Olga Norris and decided to try the technique myself. I transfer printed an original drawing to fabric and layered it over crumbled freezer wrap that had been used as a "drop cloth". I handstitched around everything with embroidery thread and then snipped away some of the top layer to show the paper. The drawing was a little too detailed for this technique, but once I started, I just kept going.


Filamental said...

The first thing I did was to click on the piece to see it bigger.
In my opinion the drawing is in the best interest of the piece, in that the more graphic drawing plays well with the softness of the stitching. I am glad you kept going.
Drop cloth? Perfect.
What I want to know is have you slept this week?
Olga Norris is a wonderful artist and I am so grateful that you introduced her to me.
I see that your marching godesses are still strong in the drawing.
Also, I really love the way your blog looks. It makes me want to come back to see what is next.
Also, you inspire me to create and that is a very good thing.
A question: What fabric did you use?

Bonnie said...

This is really nice, I like the crumpled paper with the dense flecking that seems really specific in contrast to the more 'watery'fabric. The stitching reminds me of a traditional Indonesian textile at the DMA that was covered with stamped 'tadpoles' surrounding a central motif. I know your fingers are worn out but I hope you experiment with another.

vanilla blue said...

Wow! This is my firet venture into a blog. I have tried to get here before, but the link you sent was the solution. I will check in every day with my steaming cup of coffee and pretend I am in the Hill country and I can smell the maple cookies baking...
Love this piece. It reminds me of the stitched pieces on layers of fabric then cut thru that you did several years ago. Using paper is so cool.